Cocktail Hour Meets … Andy

Jeremy and I (Hi, I’m Andy…the guy pictured on the right) don’t usually drink cocktails other than the occasional margarita. Our first choice is wine, with straight tequila, whiskey, or rum coming in second. But back in April, I posted on Facebook that we wanted to start a challenge for ourselves—daily cocktail hour! We’d try a new cocktail every evening during the pandemic to expand our horizons and maintain our sanity. 

Fast-forward to Day 40 and our friends and family were encouraging us to make this little cocktail adventure into a book … and now here we are. Ready to launch “Cocktail Hour Meets … A Pandemic” into the world. 

This began as a way to memorialize how we occupied our days during these stressful times. We hope it brings you comfort and a laugh or two. Enjoy the book (out this Friday!) and make yourself a cocktail. You deserve it.

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