Cocktail Hour Meets … The Rules

The Cocktail Hour Rules per Jeremy:

  1. Never begin before 5pm.
  2. Never enter my wine room.
  3. Avoid bottled lime and lemon juices at all costs. (Unless those limes are $0.50 each. *cough, cough* We’re looking at you, grocery store owned by a certain internet company!)
  4. Measurements do not have to be exact. If you are one of the scores of friends, family, and colleagues to join us in our homes over the years and locales, you know that “measurements” in drinks is not my thing—so the following recipes might be described as “directional”.
  5. The cat can belly up to the bar to watch but is not allowed to imbibe.
  6. Feel free to make substitutions. (Google is helpful).

Cocktail Hour Meets … Jeremy

Working in the hospitality industry had me developing bar and beverage programs for a number of hotel brands and entertainment concepts. Over the years, I have sampled a variety of cocktails and accumulated a number of … unusual (and unexpected!) types of mixers. The collection Andy and I had on hand made the 50 Day Cocktail Hour Experiment even more interesting. 

The nightly cocktail journey brought structure and routine back into our lives. Even when you couldn’t remember what day it was, there was always cocktail hour to look forward to at 5pm. Whether you discover this book during the pandemic or afterwards, we hope it inspires you to mix things up a bit with someone you love (sorry for the lame pun).


Cocktail Hour Meets … Andy

Jeremy and I (Hi, I’m Andy…the guy pictured on the right) don’t usually drink cocktails other than the occasional margarita. Our first choice is wine, with straight tequila, whiskey, or rum coming in second. But back in April, I posted on Facebook that we wanted to start a challenge for ourselves—daily cocktail hour! We’d try a new cocktail every evening during the pandemic to expand our horizons and maintain our sanity. 

Fast-forward to Day 40 and our friends and family were encouraging us to make this little cocktail adventure into a book … and now here we are. Ready to launch “Cocktail Hour Meets … A Pandemic” into the world. 

This began as a way to memorialize how we occupied our days during these stressful times. We hope it brings you comfort and a laugh or two. Enjoy the book (out this Friday!) and make yourself a cocktail. You deserve it.